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Europejskie spotkanie ILADS, Londyn 2010r.

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Z Polski wybiera się na to spotkanie bardzo silna grupa :)
Poniżej program spotkania:

International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) Educational Meeting

12th June, 2010, London, United Kingdom

Conference Program:
12th June, 2010

0830-0915 Registration
0915 Introduction — Sarah Chissell MRCOG — Course organiser
0920 Welcome from the President of ILADS — Robert C. Bransfield, M.D.
0925 Welcome from President of ILADEF — Richard I. Horowitz, M.D.
Chairman of morning session:
Richard I. Horowitz, M.D.
0930 Clinical Diagnosis of Lyme disease — Raphael B. Stricker, M.D.
1010 Decade of the microbe: Microbes in Mental Illness — Robert C. Bransfield, M.D.
1050 Questions
1105 Coffee
1125 Guest Lecture: The predictive value of clinical and biological markers in the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis — Christian Perronne, M.D., Ph.D.
1205 Lyme Disease: Neuropsychological Misdiagnoses — Leo J. Shea, III, Ph.D.
1245 Questions
1300 Lunch
Chairman of afternoon session:
Robert C. Bransfield, M.D.
1400 Holistic treatment of Lyme disease — Carsten Nicolaus, M.D.
1440 Lyme disease in Pregnancy: Implications for the Fetus — Sarah Chissell MRCOG
1500 Pediatric Lyme disease — Ann F. Corson, M.D.
1540 Questions
1555 Tea
1615 The possible role of Lyme disease in ALS, MS, Parkinson's Disease and Dementia — David C. Martz, M.D.
1655 The role of co-infections in Lyme disease — Richard I. Horowitz, M.D.
1735 Questions
1750 Close of meeting
1750 Drinks reception